Don’t Quit Now! How to Transform Your Triathlon Season After a Rocky Start.

Don't Quit Now! How to Transform Your Triathlon Season After a Rocky Start.

This is Coach Jenna-Caer, here to bring you a hearty dose of positivity and a dash of practical advice. So, you’ve had a couple of races this season, and they haven’t quite gone the way you envisioned. First off, I want to say, that’s okay. Truly. Believe me, every single champion you admire has been exactly where you are right now.

Racing, like life, doesn’t always go according to plan. And that’s not a failure – it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to grow, to learn, and to pivot.

But what does it mean to “pivot”? In the triathlon world, pivoting is all about making a shift. It’s about reassessing where you are, acknowledging where you want to be, and realigning your strategy to get there.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Reflect on Your Races: Firstly, let’s not shy away from these races. Instead, let’s dive deep. What went well? Where did you struggle? Was it your stamina during the run, your transition times, or perhaps the open water swim? By identifying the areas of improvement, we can start to build a more targeted training plan. Be brutally honest with yourself, only you know how it felt on race day.

  2. Redefine Your Goals: It’s easy to set our sights on big, audacious goals. But remember, triathlons aren’t just about crossing the finish line first; they’re about personal growth and achieving your personal best consistently improving. Let’s refocus on achievable, incremental goals that will build up your confidence and performance over time so you can reach that ultimate big, scary, awesome goal.

  3. Revamp Your Training Plan: Now, armed with reflection and redefined goals, it’s time to adjust your training plan. This might mean more hill work, more drills in the pool, or perhaps additional strength training. Where did you fall flat on race day? There is no better way to find out where those weaknesses are than a race. Preferably doing a few test and build up races before your goal race to dial everything in. As a coach, I’m here to help tailor your training to ensure we’re addressing your specific needs and pushing you towards your new goals.

  4. Rekindle Your Passion: At the end of the day, we’re all here because we love the sport. Sometimes, a tough race or two can dampen our spirits. But remember, each day is a new chance to reignite that passion. Find what you love about each discipline, celebrate your improvements, and embrace the journey.

Remember, the path to success isn’t a straight line. It’s a winding road filled with ups and downs. And guess what? That’s where the magic happens. That’s where we grow.

You’ve got the spirit of a triathlete—that means you’re resilient, determined, and no stranger to challenges. So, let’s take on this pivot with the same energy you bring to each training session. I believe in you, and I know you’ve got what it takes to turn this season around.

Hold your head high and keep your spirits higher. Let’s dive back in together, team!

Jenna-Caer, Coach and your Biggest Fan

If you’re looking for some help to dial in your training and racing – A coach can provide a fresh, objective perspective and professional expertise that can be game-changing. Together, we can dissect your race performance, identify areas of strength and those that need extra attention, and craft a training plan that’s as unique as you are. We’ll dial in your training, focusing on the specific disciplines and aspects that will propel you towards your race day goals. But it’s more than just physical training; a coach also provides the emotional and mental support needed to navigate the highs and lows of this exciting journey. Your success is our success, and as your coach, I’ll be with you every step of the way, cheering you on, pushing you forward, and celebrating every victory, big or small. Let’s make this triathlon season one for the record books, together! 

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