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My story is a little different than the typical Triathlon Coach.

It started being 50lbs overweight never having swam, bike or run a mile in my life.  I lost the weight through strength training with a Strength & Conditioning Coach, and was looking for a way to keep it off.  

From there I found a local running club, got a stress fracture, and started learning to swim and bike.  

It was a Triathlon Coach that helped me realize what I was capable of so I changed my career from IT Project Manager to Triathlon coach.  

Since then I’ve Won a World Championship, Won my AG at Ironman, been 2nd Age Grouper overall, and qualified for Kona multliple times.  

No matter where you are in your triathlon journey, from learning to swim/bike/run, to chasing World Championships, I’ve been there and can help you reach your goals.


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Triathlon Coach


Triathlon is an individual sport that attracts athletes from all backgrounds, body types and walks of life.  That is why you need an individual plan that meets your expectations, is customized to the time you have available and is periodized to optimize your training and racing.

First Triathlon

I know first hand how intimidating it can be getting into triathlon, especially with little or no background in sport.  Let me guide you through all of the barriers of getting started and show you how no matter what your current fitness level or time restrictions triathlon is within your reach. Its an unbelievable feeling crossing that first finish line, we can get you there.

New PR's

So you want to go faster, further? Beauty, lets get it done.  After evaluating your current strengths and weaknesses and previous race results I will create a periodized plan to take your racing and training to new levels while working within the time you have available.  Its no use putting together a 20 hour a week plan if you can only fit in 10.  Lets make the most of the time you have available and make sure you are getting the most out of your training to reach new PR’s.

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Yes! With technology today I work with athletes around the world.  Signing up for coaching also includes a Training Peaks account if you do not already have one so I can give you training sessions and receive feed back on how the sessions went.

First steps reach out through the Contact Form or Book a Free consultation Call. It’s an opportunity to chat about your goals and targets along with your strengths and weaknesses and expectations.  Once you sign on I will send you a form to get more information on your previous race or training experience and set up a plan based on our conversation and the information you provide.  From there I will set you up with a Training Peaks account if you do not already have one and I will populate your training sessions on a weekly basis and modify as necessary.

Absolutely not.  I know from experience.  I started running about 6 months before I decided to do a triathlon, and started swimming/biking about 10 weeks before my first Triathlon.  So if you want to do a triathlon, you absolutely can regardless of your athletic background (or lack there of like I had).  You may find you take to 1 or 2 of the 3 sports easier than the other, but with time and training you can reach the finish line.

Hiring a coach can make the world of a difference – not only with planning workouts, but also with keeping you motivated and on track.  It also takes the mental energy and stress out of training, just look at your workout for the day and go. A coach can assess when to push harder and when to let your body recover to absorb the training. If you’re new to triathlon a coach can help navigate the complexities of training and recovery as well as race day execution and save you from making many of the first triathlon mistakes.

No!  A coach can help you reach your potential or just make race day more enjoyable by ensuring you are ready to tackle the distance.  It doesn’t matter your speed or experience, if you are confident and know you are training properly and your nutrition is correct race day can be a time to push your limits or just enjoy the day and take in the finish line instead of worrying about if you will be able to complete the race.

Clients Testimonials


I think the thing I like the most is I don’t feel stressed out by my training schedule and what is coming up. I know I can get through what is planned for the week and I don’t have to think about what is coming up in the weeks to come (i.e. getting harder/longer). I can just focus on that day’s workout putting all my effort and focus into that workout. Interesting because I didn’t even know this worried before [sic] when I was doing my own training schedules. Thank you for that gift.
Calgary, Canada


I have lost around 75 lbs and kept it off. I am proud of my accomplishments and am happy with my body. I have a fabulous coach who pushes me past my comfort zones and I’m so glad she does. I went from running 2 mins on the treadmill and basically coughing blood to just recently finishing a half marathon and surpassing my goal time of 10 minutes!! Working on minor improvements in my body and working on getting faster/completing a full marathon without dying.
Oklahoma, USA


I came into the sport with no background in Swim, Bike or Run with the goal of doing an Ironman. Jenna-Caer helped me avoid all of the new to triathlon pitfalls. I went into my first Ironman (and first ever triathlon) confident I was fit and with a plan of attack. I ended up beating my goal time by 45 minutes!!! The nutrition and race plan Jenna set up was dialed in and practised over months of training so I could hit my goals.
Sydney, Australia

My Story

I was never an active child, never played sports and found myself 50lbs overweight and entirely inactive when I started working in the corporate world.  I finally decided things had to change and joined a gym working with a Personal Trainer to get down to a healthy weight and find out that my body was capable of so much more.  I loved feeling strong and fit and was searching for a way to keep the weight off because I had a habit of going to the gym regularly, losing weight, then stopping all together and gaining it back.

I had to find something that would motivate me to stick to it.  Enter triathlon and running.  I joined a local running club and ran my first ever km encouraged by friendly club mates. When I raced my first 5km I was hooked, the competition and amazing community of athletes was just what I was looking for.  Thats what I thrive on to this day.  I did my first triathlon about 6 months after I started running and just 10 weeks after I started riding a bike (clipping in was terrifying!) and swam my first lap in a pool (That first 25yds may as well have been a mile).  It just happened to be a Half-Ironman.  So when I say I understand beginners I have been there.  Intimidated by these fit looking athletes, unsure of if I will be able to finish, terrified of the swim and clipping into my pedals on the bike.

I went on to be hooked by the sport and wanting to reach new heights and see what I was capable of.  Since then have been on podiums around the world and won a World Championship, and AG at Ironman after the birth of my first child.  

Half of that was coached and half was experimenting and using myself as the subject so I could learn more about the sport and what works.  I understand how hard it is to balance family life, I’ve trained with a full time job and now as a working time crunched mom.  Its not the hours of training that count so much as what you do with those hours.

I’ve been a student of the sport because I was hungry to know more, to go faster, to make sure that I could still achieve even with the rigours of family life.