Join the Triathlete Strength Training Revolution and See Results in Your Next Race

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Join the Triathlete Strength Training Revolution and See Results in Your Next Race

Strength Training for Triathletes, Runners and Cyclists.

You’ve seen Jan Frodeno doing, Lucy Charles doing it and so many of the other top Professional athletes. 

What is it? 

Strength Training. The science has shown for years the benefits of strenght training for Endurance Athletes when appropriately added to a training program. 

Top Benefits:

  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Improve form
  • Increased ability to generate power
  • Correct imbalances
  • Improve Body Composition
  • Prevent Breakdown

Strength Training For Triathletes

As an endurance athlete, you know that training is key to improving your performance and reaching your goals. But while many endurance athletes focus mainly on endurance-specific training programs, it’s important to remember that strength training also plays a crucial role in your overall fitness and performance.

One of the main benefits of strength training for endurance athletes is that it helps to increase muscle strength and power. This can translate into faster times and improved performance in your racing and training, as stronger muscles are better able to generate force and power. In addition, strength training can help to improve your endurance by increasing the efficiency of your movement and reducing the amount of energy you expend during exercise. It also improves muscular endurance through weight lifting which is key to a successful triathlon performance.

Another important benefit of strength training for endurance athletes is that it can help to reduce the risk of injury. By strengthening the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that support your joints, you can decrease your risk of overuse injuries and improve your overall durability. A comprehensive strength plan with appropriate training exercises written for Endurance athletes can increase basic strength, improve core strength, and improve performance for many triathletes, runners and cyclists. Over a few weeks of consistent strength work, including single leg sets, rotational strength and bike specific workouts in the weight room or at home your effective strength will improve leading you to increase speed, power, improved body composition and injury resistance.

So if you’re an endurance athlete looking to take your performance to the next level, don’t neglect strength training. Endurance Fit App – is the ultimate guide for strength workouts for endurance athletes. It is designed specifically with your needs in mind, with custom workouts and training plans to help you get stronger and perform your best. Try it out and see the difference it can make in your endurance training.

When you sign up for Endurance Fit you get access to all of the programs:

  • Off season Strength – correct imbalances and get strong.
  • In Season Strength – Support your run or triathlon training and prevent injury and hold good form to the finish line.
  • Activation and Core – 20 minute workouts to activate and tone
  • 18 minute HIIT workouts for everyone – short sharp to get lean and strong.
  • Peak – activation to keep the right muscles firing as your race gets close.
  • Challenges and Giveaways to stay engaged
  • Live workouts and Q&A sessions with me.
  • Community support for accountability and motivation.

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