Optimize your Goals for 2023

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Setting Goals so Vivid you can practically taste them.

It’s almost 2023, how did that happen? Does anyone else feel like the year has flown by?

If you’re not already feeling FIRED UP for SUCCESS in 2023 … this mini mindset exercise will help you get there.

Chances are you’ve set quite a few goals in the past, maybe they last the year, maybe they last the first few days.

Well today, we’re going to crank that up a bit.

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Think about what would make 2022 a successful year for you.

I’m not just talking about training and racing goals (though those are definitely important)…

I’m talking about ALL ASPECTS of your life – career, family, social network, connection, etc.

What would you look back on and think, “Wow, look at what I did!”?

You know you’re on the right track with your “success vision” when you:

1) Feel yourself start to smile and/or
2) Get some butterflies in your stomach

It’s time to live “AS IF” you’ve already reached that success. What would your day look like today if you ALREADY achieved that success?

What daily habits you would have picked up along the way?

It’s time to start DOING THEM now – to adopt the habits of that future version of yourself.

This is one of the most sure-fire ways to turn your goals into reality – it helps you learn and build the skills, habits, and mindset that will support your vision of success.

And even more importantly, it helps you create LIFESTYLE change where this “new way of living” becomes almost automatic.

At Endurance Fit, we’re not about quick fixes or yo-yo’ing results. We’re all about creating real, lifelong change. The absolute key to Endurance Sports is consistency so build those habits that will let you stay consistent.

I want your “New Year” goals to become permanent, so you’re not setting the same goals year after year.

I’ve worked with hundreds of athletes through the Endurance Fit App and One on One Coaching to help them stay injury free, take the mental stress out of training, and reach their big scary optimistic goals in sport.

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Let’s make 2023 one of the best years of your life,


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