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Should I Join a Virtual Triathlon Team?

Why Going "Virtual" with a Triathlon Team is a Game-Changer

Coach Jenna-Caer

Anyone else’s social media feeds filled with posts about who was accepted to which triathlon team over the last few weeks?  Have you ever considered joining one of these virtual teams?

Triathletes, I get it. The road can often feel like it’s just you, your heartbeat, and your determination. Everyone is so busy these days it’s hard to meet up with local clubs or training buddies regularly.  Not to mention everyone has their own paces and it’s tough to chat around the workouts. Not to mention your family and friends who are not into triathlon are definitely not as interested in your latest training tech, FTP or PR.

But have you ever wondered what it might be like to share that journey with a supportive squad? A tribe that gets your drive and shares your passion, even if they’re miles away? If you’ve ever felt the need for that little extra push or burst of motivation, a virtual triathlon team could be your answer.

“It takes a tribe to achieve greatness. Surround yourself with those who will lift you higher.”Anonymous

Personally as a busy mom, coach and athlete I’ve always turned to virtual teams.  My schedule doesn’t allow me to join the local club sessions, and everyone is at different paces.  For that sense of community and encouragement and some fun race meet ups and training camps.

The Virtual Team Advantage:

  • Flexibility: Train when you want, where you want as fast or slow as you want. You can do your own thing but there is the support of the online group and chat to keep motivated and connected.
  • Global Connections: I have had so much fun meeting new people from all over the world I never would have otherwise.  Not to mention being able to see team mates at almost any race I show up at anywhere in the world. It’s also given me the chance to expand my triathlon horizons going to team races in places I never would have visited otherwise.
  • Sponsor Benefits: Who can say no to sponsor discounts and goodies?  This sport is expensive enough, any deal helps.
  • Continuous Motivation: When the going gets tough, your team is right there in your corner, cheering you on.

Now, the slight catch? Virtual means, well, virtual. No actual pat on the back during your training sessions, but trust me, the emoji-equivalent feels just as heartening, and those in person race meet ups are an absolute blast.

If you are considering a virtual team check out Mauna Endurance.

CLICK HERE to Check out the Team:

In the vast world of virtual triathlon teams, there’s one that stands out (and yes, I might be a tad biased). Mauna Endurance isn’t just a team; it’s a community where beginners and podium chasers connect and support each other, learning and motivating.

My recent race was challenging, but the unwavering support from Mauna, both on-ground and online, was my anchor.

Some benefits of Mauna:

  1. Engaging Conversations: From training tips, trash talk, and support to the latest race gossip, our chat groups have it all. 
  2. Stellar Sponsorship Perks: Brands you love, benefits you’ll adore even more. Great perks and exclusive benefits from companies like Wahoo, FORM, Magic 5, Oofos, Running Warehouse, Factor Bikes, Maurten, Hyperice and so much more
  3. Familiar Faces on Race Days: Nothing beats the joy of recognizing a teammate during a race.
  4. Unforgettable Training Camps: Fun, challenging, the most incredible support.

So, if you’ve been looking for that perfect blend of camaraderie, motivation, and flexibility, come explore Mauna Endurance.

CLICK HERE to Check out the Team:

And, a small tip: popping “Jenna” in the referral field gives you an instant in! Ready to chase those triathlon dreams with a team that’s got your back? Let’s do this. 

If you want more hands on help with a Coach for your training and racing feel free to reach out below!

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